Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Yoga Partner

Since I can remember, I tend to do workouts on my own.  I did have a running partner for awhile, then she moved.  Otherwise, I just work out at the gym by myself-at home alone-and walking Ode alone.  I love my time with Ode, just her and I walking, enjoying that "present" moment.  If my husband is home, having him join us on the walk is a bonus.  Since I started back into yoga, I still find myself working out alone.  Honestly, I am completely okay with that. 

I recently met Rachael, another yogi.  I love that she wants a yoga buddy, she calls to see if I want to join her at a class.  I love talking about the class after, especially because I am usually on a yoga high.  Well, that is what I call it, I feel so amazing, and full of energy!

If there are days where I am alone, I just want you to know, I AM REALLY NOT ALONE!  Seriously!  Here is who I worked out with yesterday for an hour.
He was like this, RIGHT next to me the whole time.  His name is Tuki, which means Sweetness, and is the perfect name for this beautiful boy! 

I remember reading Cesar Milan's (The Dog Whisperer's) books, when I found Ode.  The one thing I loved reading, is working towards having a calm and submissive animal.  Let me tell you, that is all my cats, so calm and peaceful.  My dog, WELL that is another story.....

When I am doing the floor poses, especially Savasana, I feel little feet come on my chest.  My Juno, A.K.A. June/Junebug/Junie, she is my precious angel, and sooooo social.

She always wants to help in different poses, AND she has even sat on my lap during meditation.  I love that about her!

Do you enjoy a workout buddy, or are you one that tends to workout alone?

This is Paco, he will be 18 in August!  I celebrate his life everyday!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

My Love for Cooking!

This will not be a long post, been a busy week, I think my weeks only just got busier!  I am officially a freelance writer, and have two sites I am writing for.  My writing is fun, I get to cook!  Twist my arm to cook, LOL! Yesterday I  made Creme Brulee at CafeTerra  for the first time ever, AND it turned out.  Well nobody got sick at least. ;-)

I have to say, all of the blogs you have been sharing for!!!  I seriously have learned so much. I now am trying to remind myself everyday, yoga is not just about asana.  That concept is hard for me to wrap my head around.  So two days in a row now I have not done any yoga poses, which I personally hate.
I also want to learn more about Chanting, thank you to TheVeganAsana post.  I definitely am uncomfortable with my voice, and enjoying the chants completely.  So I have work to do to fully understand chanting.

 I will definitely be doing some yoga poses today, not sure if it will be intense, or relaxed yet though.  I also love love the Spirit Voyage site.  They have live streaming music, and it is free!!! The music is really beautiful.  I find myself wanting to listen to the music, and it is perfect for my meditation time.  Bonus!!!!

I look forward to catching up on all the YIOM blogs this weekend, my hubby needs the thank goodness for smart phones!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Ashtanga Class!!

There is a donation studio here in Charlotte called the Dharma Lounge.  They offer Ashtanga and Power Yoga classes a few nights a week.  My friend loves Ashtanga, she just recently took her very first My Sore class, yay!
I don't know what actually interested me about this form of yoga, but I have been dying to try it.  I found Kino MacGregor on Facebook, and Twitter, and immediately fell in love with her website.  Will I get my legs over my head? My sources say no, but that is okay! :-)  But I can continue to improve, and build up my strength!

I did have one problem, I may need a different mat, and mat towel, and I need to keep my skin moist.  I ripped the skin pretty good tonight on the bottom of my big toe.  With the amount of times I did Chaturanga-Upward Dog-Downward Dog...AND holding feet wrong...I am not shocked I had a problem.  My fellow yogis on Twitter have been so helpful, which I appreciate more then I can say!!!

One thing I need to work on, keep my feet moist.  So I will put lotion on them every evening and invest in a pumice stone, or that egg thing that takes off dry skin.

Second, I need to continue building on my core strength, just keep improving on the Boat pose. Since the core is the main area that should be strong, when going into a yoga pose.

Third, Nancy from Flying Yogini helped me with my form.  I am one that wants instant gratification, but with yoga that WILL not happen.  So Nancy and talked about how I should hold my legs, and feet in Chaturanga, while I build my core strength better.

I am still working on my patience, AND it has only been three months.  So patience-core-form-and taking care of my skin, those are the areas I need to focus on.

Will I be doing Ashtanga again? Oh heck ya!!!!! That was soooo fun, and my body feels it today, and it feels AMAZING:-)

Now to experience hot yoga, I keep telling Charmedchubey I will be trying it:-)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

My new handmade yoga apparel!

I am sooooo excited to share my very first piece of yoga apparel.  Yes, yes, I don't really have yoga clothes, tank and comfy pants do just fine.  BUT I do understand why ya'll love the wonderful yoga apparel now, it really is lightweight. 

 (The beautiful package, I want those green pants now)

I entered a giveaway that the Flying Yogini was hosting a few weeks back.  She was giving away a beautiful yoga shirt handmade by Mishogawear.  When I won, I was actually shocked, I don't usually win much.  Mish was so wonderful, and she specially designed the shirt for me.  I love ocean blue!  When I meditate, I visualize the ocean, it always calms me.   She was so sweet, and kind!  AND did such a beautiful job!

If you have not been to her site, I highly recommend looking at it.  I am making a list of all the beautiful clothes I want now.  There is a shirt with Ganesh, I NEED THAT!

 ~So Beautiful~

Even Tuki loves the shirt, but duh, who wouldn't right? 
 ~Tuki usually has to approve things~

I seriously need to start a fun yoga apparel collection now....this could be dangerous....VERY dangerous:-)

~Thank you Mish~

I am looking forward to journaling a lot this month, and maybe I will have some fun new yoga pose pics to share.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti