Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Ashtanga Class!!

There is a donation studio here in Charlotte called the Dharma Lounge.  They offer Ashtanga and Power Yoga classes a few nights a week.  My friend loves Ashtanga, she just recently took her very first My Sore class, yay!
I don't know what actually interested me about this form of yoga, but I have been dying to try it.  I found Kino MacGregor on Facebook, and Twitter, and immediately fell in love with her website.  Will I get my legs over my head? My sources say no, but that is okay! :-)  But I can continue to improve, and build up my strength!

I did have one problem, I may need a different mat, and mat towel, and I need to keep my skin moist.  I ripped the skin pretty good tonight on the bottom of my big toe.  With the amount of times I did Chaturanga-Upward Dog-Downward Dog...AND holding feet wrong...I am not shocked I had a problem.  My fellow yogis on Twitter have been so helpful, which I appreciate more then I can say!!!

One thing I need to work on, keep my feet moist.  So I will put lotion on them every evening and invest in a pumice stone, or that egg thing that takes off dry skin.

Second, I need to continue building on my core strength, just keep improving on the Boat pose. Since the core is the main area that should be strong, when going into a yoga pose.

Third, Nancy from Flying Yogini helped me with my form.  I am one that wants instant gratification, but with yoga that WILL not happen.  So Nancy and talked about how I should hold my legs, and feet in Chaturanga, while I build my core strength better.

I am still working on my patience, AND it has only been three months.  So patience-core-form-and taking care of my skin, those are the areas I need to focus on.

Will I be doing Ashtanga again? Oh heck ya!!!!! That was soooo fun, and my body feels it today, and it feels AMAZING:-)

Now to experience hot yoga, I keep telling Charmedchubey I will be trying it:-)



  1. I just tried ashtanga this weekend. I did not know what to expect but I love it, too. I hear you about the core. A lot of the poses in this style involve the core and I know I need to strengthen mine to do them fully. However, it was cool trying the poses. Yeah!!

  2. Aw.. thanks for the sweet comments! I love that you are listening to your body even while trying new things! That my friend is a sign of a true yogi! kudos and love

  3. Yay. Love the excitement you have for yoga. I'm so glad that Nancy gave you such great tips for staying safe. It's sad that the transition most likely to give you an injury (jumping back into chataranga & chaturanga to up dog and down dog) sadly are the ones that are least taught.

  4. woot! you are on a roll! :D keep exploring...

  5. Hi Terra! Love the background photo on your blog! I keep trying to "get in to" yoga, but somehow it doesn't stick. I love the idea of it and could use some flexibility. Any ideas for motivating me???