Friday, April 8, 2011

My Love for Cooking!

This will not be a long post, been a busy week, I think my weeks only just got busier!  I am officially a freelance writer, and have two sites I am writing for.  My writing is fun, I get to cook!  Twist my arm to cook, LOL! Yesterday I  made Creme Brulee at CafeTerra  for the first time ever, AND it turned out.  Well nobody got sick at least. ;-)

I have to say, all of the blogs you have been sharing for!!!  I seriously have learned so much. I now am trying to remind myself everyday, yoga is not just about asana.  That concept is hard for me to wrap my head around.  So two days in a row now I have not done any yoga poses, which I personally hate.
I also want to learn more about Chanting, thank you to TheVeganAsana post.  I definitely am uncomfortable with my voice, and enjoying the chants completely.  So I have work to do to fully understand chanting.

 I will definitely be doing some yoga poses today, not sure if it will be intense, or relaxed yet though.  I also love love the Spirit Voyage site.  They have live streaming music, and it is free!!! The music is really beautiful.  I find myself wanting to listen to the music, and it is perfect for my meditation time.  Bonus!!!!

I look forward to catching up on all the YIOM blogs this weekend, my hubby needs the thank goodness for smart phones!


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