Sunday, April 3, 2011

My new handmade yoga apparel!

I am sooooo excited to share my very first piece of yoga apparel.  Yes, yes, I don't really have yoga clothes, tank and comfy pants do just fine.  BUT I do understand why ya'll love the wonderful yoga apparel now, it really is lightweight. 

 (The beautiful package, I want those green pants now)

I entered a giveaway that the Flying Yogini was hosting a few weeks back.  She was giving away a beautiful yoga shirt handmade by Mishogawear.  When I won, I was actually shocked, I don't usually win much.  Mish was so wonderful, and she specially designed the shirt for me.  I love ocean blue!  When I meditate, I visualize the ocean, it always calms me.   She was so sweet, and kind!  AND did such a beautiful job!

If you have not been to her site, I highly recommend looking at it.  I am making a list of all the beautiful clothes I want now.  There is a shirt with Ganesh, I NEED THAT!

 ~So Beautiful~

Even Tuki loves the shirt, but duh, who wouldn't right? 
 ~Tuki usually has to approve things~

I seriously need to start a fun yoga apparel collection now....this could be dangerous....VERY dangerous:-)

~Thank you Mish~

I am looking forward to journaling a lot this month, and maybe I will have some fun new yoga pose pics to share.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


  1. wow, that's pretty awesome to win a handmade shirt!!! And it's gorgeous and you look great in it! :)
    I own a pair of yoga pants I ADORE and they are from Patagonia...I swear, the best pants in the WORLD!

  2. Terra, I am thrilled you like the color Just for you. And clothing can be addictive :-)
    Namaste dear mitraH
    Enjoy and shine on
    Metta La

  3. Ooooh, yes! Beautiful. Congrats on winning - and welcome to a new addiction. :-)

  4. Love it! Didn't realize you were the winner of that giveaway - congrats. I love the color and you look great in it. @MegP4

  5. Fabulous shirt!! Mish is really a sweetheart and you deserved that win =)

  6. it looks so beautiful on you! so happy you won! isn't Mish a genius?

  7. snap! you are on a WINNING STREAK! :P time to play the lotto...

  8. You look beautiful in your new top!

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