Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Power Of The Mala

I am new to yoga, meditation, learning about chakras, and now learning about malas....but one thing is for life is sooooo much better these days.

I went to a beautiful yoga class on Sunday with Yoga Untwisted, and felt amazing the rest of the day.  I even told my husband I felt so surrounded by positive energy, I just felt so happy.  He of course liked that feeling, and stressed how much he wanted me to keep growing with yoga and meditation. 

I still struggle to incorporate yoga in my busy schedule, which makes me sad.  Whenever I do get a chance to do some asanas, I feel amazing.  I am thinking I may need to start doing a early morning routine some days.  Early + Morning....well they don't go well with me lately.  BUT I will try!!

I have slowly been learning all I can about spirituality, and the beauty of it.  I have read about malas, and mentioned on Twitter how I would love to have one.  So the funny part is, TinyDevotions had a contest, AND guess who won a mala?  YEP, ME!!! A handmade, beautiful Kiwi Jasper Mala.  Now to learn how to use this gorgeous mala.  I went to my dear yogis, Teeg and Lorin, they gave me two perfect links to help me.  One link shares what a mala is. The second link shares how to use a mala.

The beautiful part was, the moment I put it on, the energy I felt was overwhelming....and is still overwhelming.  What a powerful piece of jewelry!  I immediately went to Teeg making sure I was feeling all the right things.  Thank you to the lovely Teeg, she has shared with me some wonderful information.

When you first get the mala, you are to wear it for the first 40 days.  I look forward to the journey I will enjoy for the next 40 days!  One area I hope I find, is my voice.  I feel shy chanting even if no one is around.  So I will explore finding my voice!

The mala I received is Kiwi Jasper, and will help to cleanse and align my chakras.  "This mala facilitates shamanic journeys and recalls dreams. It absorbs negative energy and gives protection, it will cleanse and align chakras and aura which in turn balance yin and yang."~Tiny Devotions

{If you remember my yoga journey, you will remember I am working on the negative in my life.  What a perfect mala for me, something I truly needed.}

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


  1. Terra, it's beautiful and I'm sure it will serve you well along your journey! So happy for you!

  2. So happy you won it and have it now. I have the kiwi jasper and love it! It is amazing the postive vibes you get. You are in Charlotte, NC, right? From there? I had an amazing visit back to see everyone from NC. Can't wait to hear more from you.