Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Excited To Do The Glow Green Girl Cleanse

I disappeared for a few months, life it just gets in the way sometimes!  I am so excited to be back to my crazy normal schedule.  I say crazy normal, because really what is normal?

I will slowly get myself back to my favorite schedule of five days a week of hour to two hour workouts:-)

I cared for someone for a few months, it was a wonderful experience.  BUT the downside was he smoked, A LOT!  When I completed the temp position I decided I needed to do a cleanse to help clean my system out.  I was so excited to find The Glow Green Girl Cleanse, so perfect, living healthy + yoga = happiness :-)

Would you be interested in some fun recipes during my Glow Green Girl Cleanse?

It has been one year this month since I stopped drinking soda, and now I don't even want that sugary mess.  BTW I used to be a big soda addict!  Thank you to NoFizzClt for their 30 day no-soda challenge!  At the end of the year it will be one year since I decided to cut down on my candy intake, I was a candy addict.  I love any gummy treat out there, seriously!  Now I am going to venture and try gluten-free. I notice my body does not work with white sugar and white flour well.  So a new challenge for me! I am really interested in learning all I can with gluten-free.  Please share with me your favorite gluten-free recipes!

I have noticed I have been having troubles with dairy, so dairy-free is totally fine with me:-)  I love love almond milk!  I had some yesterday with a pinch of cinnamon, yum!  I only drink the original almond milk, the vanilla and chocolate is too sweet.  After the cleanse I may still enjoy white cheeses, but eliminate milk still. 

The best part about doing the cleanse, my hubby wants to do it with me!


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  1. Aw, sweets, thanks for mentioning the cleanse! You will feel so good that you will adopt most of the tips into your regular routine! I would definitely love to hear what you are eating, etc. Keep me posted! xo