Monday, July 25, 2011

My Discovery On Yoga And Meditation!

In January I started my yoga and meditation journey.  I actually really noticed changes in me, in just three short months.

Then April hit, and life became sooooo crazy.

I finally really feel like life is coming back to normal.  It took almost four months to see my life get way too out of hand. 

I have had something nagging my insides for awhile.  Saturday night what was nagging me, finally surfaced.  I said to my husband, "I think I have went back to my old ways, who I was before my yoga journey started." That person I was before my yoga journey started, well I don't like her (me) much. 

My husband was honest, as I asked him to be, and said not completely, but yes you are back to your old ways. 

Hearing my husband say that, well, it made me evaluate me, and my life. 

He said he was only answering the question I asked.  I let him know it is exactly what I needed to hear. 

I now know how very important yoga and meditation are on my life personally. 

What is the next step?  Well that is not an easy question, it will be a habit change for sure. 
My first step I decided, listen to the audio book that changed my life.  I need to listen to Eat, Pray, Love again.  Remind me of where I what to be in my life.

I look forward to starting this blog back up, and sharing what makes me happy in life!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


  1. Look at you go!
    Each time you step back on the mat after time away, you come home to yourself, and you make your space there more familiar. This is the only way a practice grows, with every return.

  2. You can only grow, I think, when you realize your own weaknesses. Good for you and keep picking yourself back up and jumping back in. I hope the journey takes you even farther this time. Can't wait to read more. :)

  3. My husband always encourages me to do yoga. He says "You are better." I believe him. I am better with yoga and meditation and a few minutes of focus and quiet. It is just me that makes me stop doing it. Can't figure out why. I chalk it up to "You are a mother and wife and daughter and employee and those things are more important than just being YOU." Sad. I just continue and start again. that is the joy-you can start again, right now.

  4. Dont be so tough on yourself love bug, life is all about waves. Sometimes we are on the right path and sometimes we are not. but it takes the NOT being on the right path for us to realize how important it is to BE on that path. You are doing the best you can at every moment and that is all that matters. but we have definitely missed you so GET TO BLOGGIN'!!! =D