Monday, November 28, 2011

A Cleansing Experience With A Bit Of Heat

A room full of people, sweating like crazy, making sure to not hit the person next to you....

Yup, I had my first hot yoga experience, AND I loved it!! This desert girl was totally okay with the crazy hot temperature.  It is a crazy hot temperature too, above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the whole class.

I am not exaggerating when I say I was completely soaked by the time the class was complete.  I was happy that I never felt sick through the whole class, actually I felt completely focused.  Sometimes the heat can leave you feeling uncomfortable.  They actually let you know at the beginning of class, if you feel lightheaded, or sick, be sure to go into child's pose for a few minutes.

Since life has been a complete roller-coaster this year, my dedication to yoga has not been what I hoped.  I honestly have not enjoyed a yoga class in over 2 months.  I decided since this year will be ending perfectly (I will share those details later, promise,) I want to take back 2011!  That means getting myself back on the yoga wagon, I adore yoga, and how it makes my body feel! By the way, I still manage to break out in an asana everyday, I wanted to make sure to keep my balance, and enjoy my favorite poses.

For this class I chose a relaxed class, one that will give you a fantastic workout, but still give you the ability to walk the next day!  The class was a perfect choice for someone who had been on a yoga hiatus.  AND I would like to say....SHE IS BACK!  I loved today, especially since I finally had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful hot yoga class at Arrichion

What a cleansing experience, I would definitely enjoy another hot yoga class.  Now to head on over to some yoga studio websites and pick some classes to go to next! 



  1. Welcome back to Yoga!! can't wait to hear about your next adventure and the little secret that you hinted to above ^ ;) Hugs!

  2. nice opinion, thanks for sharing...