Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feeling Salamba Sirasana Pose Lately {And a question for my yogi friends}

Well my lovely yogis, I slacked major last week.  Well actually slacked is a bit harsh to say, I have been crazy busy these days.  My plate is more full then it has ever been.  AND I love it!!!!  Soooo here I am finally, and with some long overdue news to share. 

Do you remember the lovely shirt I won on Flying Yogini's site?  The handmade Mishogawear, so beautiful!!!  WELLLLL....I believe a few days later I found out I won a lovely shirt on YisforYogini's site.  I never win, and then win two things right in the same week!  Now that is just CRAZY talk!  I am soooo excited to have the privilege to sport two beautiful yoga shirts.  The shirt I won on YisForYogini is from Elements of Yoga, and has a gorgeous Lotus on the front. 

So I promised Lo I would get in a yoga pose to show it off.  AND well decided the Salamba Sirasana was so appropriate with my crazy upside-down life these days.  I am still doing the headstand against the wall, especially because I am still building up my core strength.  I love doing the headstand, I make sure to enjoy it for 25 breaths or more.

Now I have a question for all my yogi friends.  This week will be the fourth week I have had to work 8-4 schedule.  It is a temp job, and it has been so fun.  I am just not used to the busy schedule, because then I come home and blog/write/cook/take photos/edit photos etc... So time for yoga....well it just hasn't happened.  But on Friday I did 60 minutes of a Vinyasa yoga, and 15 minutes of meditation, AND felt amazing.  I believe it kick started me to get back on track, even if I only do two days this week, I know I will feel great.  For the yogis who have kids, full-time job, and crazy life, how do you make sure yoga is included in your daily routine?

I have been walking still everyday, which has continued to make me feel wonderful.  But not the same as a lovely 60 minutes of yoga.  I am hoping to finally enjoy hot yoga for the first time this week, cross your fingers I can.  I am catering my very first event this weekend, a Kentucky Derby themed party.  My week will be filled with Mint Juleps, Derby Pie, Bubble and Squeak Sandwiches, and other lovely appetizers.

Once my schedule is more normal, and I am done with this catering event, I will make sure to share more blogs with you.  I hope your week is truly beautiful!



  1. Beautiful post, Terra! I know how hard it can be to fit practice in to your schedule!

  2. Hey Terra! Fact: I don't practice asana every day, but I have a morning ritual: I set my alarm 20 minutes earlier, sit 10 minutes in meditation (still or moving, feeling the pulse :)), then do a couple of kriyas (kapalbhati, agni sara, nauli - gentle!), and a couple of gentle sun salutes, I'm so stiff in the morning!
    All it takes is 20 minutes, and I'm ready to tackle the day, wheee! :)

  3. I try to make sure I get 10 minutes. no more than 10 minutes required. great post!