Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes Yoga = Gratification

This week may have been busy, but it was the best busy week EVER!  Not only did I get a wonderful new job, I got an opportunity to help a family in need.

Almost 11 years ago, I got certified as a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant.)  I worked as a CNA for only a short period of time, and did not keep my certification going.  I had experiences that changed my life with that job, but also discovered that was not my destiny.

I believe in life we take each path for a reason, sometimes to get you to another point in your life.  When I became a CNA, I met a lady who encouraged me to go to school to be a Dietitian.  Cheri Patch's picture still sits on my mantle today, she was that inspirational.  I went to the University of Arizona and received my Nutritional Science degree.  I did not have any real science background, yet managed to survive, and get a B.S. The best moment of my life- well one of them!

On Sunday night I agreed to help out a family, it was short-term notice.  The man is blind, I had to learn to share life visually.  He is so kind, and has such a fascinating life.  He actually worked at the White House, and worked with a past President!

He continues to thank me for helping out, and shares how happy he is to have me there.  He even said today that he will miss me when I am done in a few weeks.  The lady that normally takes care of him will be back soon, she was injured and needs time to heal.

I did two days of yoga poses, but five full days of yoga!  I have had such an enlightening experience.  I know I am a foodie, but sometimes it is nice to change things up in my life.  I know I took this temp job for a reason, because each thing in my life has lead me to my next destination.  Each person I have met has impacted me somehow, or someway.  I look forward to what the future holds for me.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


  1. YOU ARE ADORABLE! I just want to scream that from the rooftops =) I am so happy for you and the doors that are opening! You really deserve the best Terra dont ever think otherwise! <3