Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breathe-Calm-Tell Dog to be Quiet-Breathe-Calm.......

All of my animals have always looked so relaxed, even down to my sweet little guinea pig Zeppo.  I try to figure out how they do it, how they can go into complete relaxation so easily.  I am going to guess it could be because they have less worry, and more time to play.

After almost three months of working on meditation, and some frustration during the process.  I had a break through today, I did!!  This is probably the silliest thing to discover, but the best thing.

So this week I decided to try a Shiva Rea yoga DVD from Netflix.  I wasn't for sure if I was ready for the yoga workout, but I need to give myself more credit.  I had a fantastic workout, and now feel amazing.  This week I was able to do plow (Hala-asana) and headstand (Salamba Sirsasana,) the King and Queen of asanas.  Yep, almost three months, and I am able to do the two big yoga poses, YAY ME!!!  I even held the Salamba Sirasana for 60 seconds. 

At the end of the Shiva Rea workout I did, she had us do several minutes of meditation.  Well between yelling at my dog for barking, and making sure my legs were not falling asleep.....I did it, I actually went into complete relaxation.  I had a visual, and felt so peaceful, and all the extra thoughts just passed by. 

So whenever I meditate, I end up meditating in a quiet space, no music.  I really struggled with the silence, but kept trying to find that happy place.  Well guess what?  Today on the DVD, there was some of the most relaxing, beautiful music being played.  AND with the music, I successfully went into a complete relaxed state.  YES!!! I am sooooo happy!!

There is a beautiful website called Spirit Voyage, they have amazing music on their site.  On Fridays they have free music downloads.  So I will be working on making a mix of music, and enjoying some lovely chants, while working on the most amazing form of relaxation.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti



  1. yay good for you Terra! One step at a time right =)

  2. Hello Terra, I enjoy reading your posts. I am happy that you are seeing progress in your meditation. We always progress in meditation even when it doesn't seem like it, so allow any frustrations to fall away. You will soon find yourself having more awareness to how you are changing from your practice and these occurrences don't always happen during meditation. It may happen as your eating lunch or walking down the street. Your thirst will be quenched by your continual practice.
    You are an inspiration and in fact your pets sense the calm, peaceful, wonderful purity that is inherently within you and they are just reflecting it. They are always in the "Now" and hold no judgment to anything to include themselves... they just enjoy this moment. The only moment we ever have...
    My heart shines, smiles and bows unto yours with peace, love and humility,

  3. brilliant! invert, invert, invert. :)